The cards wouldn’t change her role as a support

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The cards wouldn’t change her role as a support

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Cards lend themselves to playstyle variation when taking on a particular role and give champions buffs to their overall damage, speed, shielding capabilities, etc. For example, if you decided to pick up Ying for her healing abilities but feel she could benefit from added damage you would prioritise cards that buff her overall damage output. The cards wouldn’t change her role as a support, but it would give her access to the damage she would otherwise lack.

While certain cards may beef up abilities they can also have detrimental effects. Adding extra damage to a tanky champion can end up leaving them significantly weaker in their defensive capabilities and make them easy pickings for opponents. Make sure you read the description of all the cards and don’t be afraid to play around with your options. Find a deck that compliments your playstyle and learn when and where to use certain builds to your advantage.

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