vNBA Playoffs: Anonymous Scout, Exec, Coach Predict Sixers-Wizards Results

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NBA Playoffs: Anonymous Scout, Exec, Coach Predict Sixers-Wizards Results

At last, the Philadelphia 76ers know who they will face in the first round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs. After failing to lock in the seventh seed by losing to the Boston Celtics Alex Len Face Mask, the Washington Wizards went on to defeat the Indiana Pacers to pick up the eighth seed on Thursday night. Now, the Sixers and the Wizards will play each other in a seven-game series during the first round of the playoffs.Judging based on the seeding, the Sixers clearly had a much better season than the Wizards this year. With 49 wins and just 23 losses, the Sixers finished the year with the Eastern Conference best record. As for the Wizards, they got off to a rough start this season Juwan Howard Pet Jersey, but their ability to bounce back and secure a 34-38 record helped them earn a spot in the Play-In Tournament, where they took advantage.During the regular season, the Sixers and the Wizards played each other three times. While the first two outings were close, the Sixers came out on top with wins. When the third game rolled around months later, Philly dominated Washington, picking up a season sweep. Now that the two teams will engage in a seven-game series beginning on Sunday, does anybody see a different outcome brewing?Josh Robbins of The Athletic recently spoke to an anonymous league executive, scout, and coach to collect predictions on the first-round series between the Sixers and the Wizards. While it seems nobody believes the top-seeded Sixers will get in and get out of the first-round with four-straight wins, Philly is the consensus winner.The ConcernsCan the Sixers score in the halfcourt? If Joel Embiid is double-teamed, which he will be relentlessly, can he make plays? And can he make plays when it counts, like in the fourth quarter of a tight game? And will the other guys step up? If Embiid is bottled up, is Tobias Harris going to produce? Does Ben Simmons give them some offense? Can Seth Curry be a factor in the playoffs? - Anonymous ScoutThe Wizards are playing good basketball, and they play three centers. They have big dudes, and theyre going to need to use all three of them to stop Embiid. The Sixers, I think, are a really good ball club, but I dont know if theyve identified their domination factor on the road. They worry me a little bit Jerome Robinson Pillow Cover. - Anonymous Coach.Dealing with Russell at the level hes playing right now, and the level that Brad has been all year, obviously is not something you want to see in the first round if youre the No. 1 seed. Youre hoping for something a little easier than that. - Anonymous Executive.Will It Matter?The playoffs are a different beast, and the Sixers know this. They will not enter the first round, assuming they have a cakewalk to the next series Russell Westbrook is a former MVP and has been to the playoffs plenty of times. Bradley Beal is an All-Star and has seen his fair share of postseason runs as well.There is plenty of talent on both teams, but the Sixers have the X-factor in the series with Joel Embiid. Not many teams with elite bigs can keep the MVP finalist in check. This year, Washington has proven three times that they have a hard time stopping or even slowing down Embiid.While the Sixers certainly couldve drawn a more favorable opponent for the first round, not many believe the Wizards are equipped to pull off an upset. Despite the concerns from the anonymous scout, executive, and coach, all believe the Sixers will come out victorious in less than seven games.Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated.
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