The second phase of WOW TBC Classic updates news.

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recently. Hot news broke out in the game industry, and Blizzard officially announced the second phase of TBC World of Warcraft. Once the new version is officially released, it will bring different surprises to players. Tens of millions of fans are looking forward to the release of the new version.

Blizzard Entertainment is working hard to resolve the lag in the raid on World of Warcraft's ruling temple. Especially the delay in the outbreak during the first phase of the Sylvanas Windrunner encounter led to numerous complaints from players. Nevertheless, players still have full hope for the new version. Players with a certain amount of experience will choose Buy TBC WOW Classic Gold from The new version will not be updated immediately. The release of a new version requires a development cycle. The technical staff is initially set for 15 weeks.

Blizzard said: Although we believe that over time, we can improve this, there will still be a few seconds of server delay. In addition to checking our internal tests, when we used our performance analysis tools in actual real-time raids to report that they were experiencing delays, the servers always seemed to run smoothly.

Naturally, modern information dissemination makes almost all dedicated players ready for this rapid acceptance of new raids. Smart players have chosen Buy Cheap TBC WOW Classic Gold to welcome this updated version. Because of the delay issue, Blizzard postponed the release of these raids in TBC Classic to ensure that the fourth layer of raids would not be delivered too quickly.

Blizzard combined many factors, so it made an important decision. Is to postpone the second paragraph of content. In the beginning, a large number of players did not understand. After Blizzard's explanation, players are currently patiently waiting for the official release of the second phase.  At that time, Level 6 content was available for games within 18 weeks of release.