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"Ha ha, this is your friend, this is your companion, die, turn into an ice sculpture and experience the torment

"Ha ha, this is your friend, this is your companion, die, turn into an ice sculpture and experience the torment of this karmic fire with Lao Tzu!" Chen Feng laughed, facing the galloping immortal method without fear, at the same time his hands more and more hard, falling ice in Chen Feng's hands, his face was red, his tongue was long and stretched out, and his eyes were bloodshot. Click, click, click! A large number of immortals, crazy hit in front of two people, at this time the top of the polar ice, seems to have reached the limit of breaking, only to hear a dense click, suddenly came an explosion, the whole mountain shaking violently, and then a few meters away from Chen Feng as the center, suddenly cracked, like a big mouth will swallow Chen Feng and falling ice at the same time.. The thirtieth chapter of the first volume Chen Feng died, and the inner hall was in chaos. Chapter 30 Chen Feng died and the inner hall was in chaos. "Boom!" The loud noise was like a thunderbolt, the iceberg cracks suddenly closed, then a dazzling white light flashed, the top of the polar ice was restored to its previous appearance, and even the broken ice sculptures were restored to their original appearance. This A dry monk face to face stunned, some can not tell whether it is their own hallucinations or what, but they clearly know one thing,foldable bulk container, the ice disappeared … "Find me and see if there are any ice sculptures of them on the top of the polar ice!" yuan Shun's face was gloomy and his hands trembled unnaturally. If they were allowed to escape, the yuan family would perish. Luotao is known as the vice suzerain of Tiandaozong, whose cultivation and ruthless temper are clear to yuan Shun, so he has to find the ice sculpture of two people before he dares to leave at ease. Two, second brother! yuan Fei saw that yuan Shun was angry and seemed to want to say something, but yuan Shun suddenly turned his head and looked at yuan Fei angrily and shouted. I told you to look for it. Can't you hear me? yuan Shun's face was full of murderous intent. Frightened, yuan Fei stepped back fiercely. Then he opened his mouth and walked in one direction with his head down. The sun shines on the top of the polar ice, reflecting a blue, so that the whole mountain becomes quiet and peaceful. Stepping on the hot blue ice at his feet, yuan Shun's face was covered with frost,drum spill containment, and he had a myriad of thoughts. He and others were all monks who had formed Shadan but had not entered the inner hall. They were waiting here for only one purpose, that is, to kill Chen Feng. But he and others had spent so much time, but they could not see his death with their own eyes. It was ridiculous. Damn, the little monk who built the foundation is so difficult to deal with. What a freak! Thinking of this, yuan Shun, who had always been steady, could not help scolding. Master yuan, I found it, here it is! While cursing, suddenly there was a loud roar in the distance, yuan Shun's whole body, his face flashed a touch of joy, and immediately turned into a rainbow, flying in the direction of the voice from the left. On the top of the huge mountain, two ice sculptures were arranged not far from each other. One ice sculpture held his hands high and looked ferocious, as if he was pinching something hard, while his legs stood in a strange position. And not far from an ice sculpture, the eyes are prominent, the tongue is long, euro plastic pallet ,stackable plastic pallets, the face is full of pain, two people are not Chen Feng and falling ice who else would be? "Ha, ha!" yuan Shun looked up to the sky and laughed wildly, a hanging heart finally fell to the ground, dead, they are really dead, as long as they die, even if it is worth paying more. A false alarm, the dust fell to the ground, they looked at the yuan Shun who was roaring to the sky, rest assured that they could not help but sigh, after this incident, they could not break away from the yuan family's warships, and the yuan family invisibly also strengthened their dominant position, after all, one prosperity and all prosperity, one loss and all losses. Come on, to the inner sanctum! After a long laugh, yuan Shun was stunned and turned to look at the crowd. Invisibly, a sense of domineering arose spontaneously, just like a king overlooking all living beings, full of arrogance. They walked slowly towards the red light pillar, and after a moment, they disappeared into the red light pillar, and the former tranquility was restored on the top of the polar ice, but among the countless ice sculptures, there were two more crystal statues. The red light flashed, yuan Shun and others brightened up and appeared in a flat place. Looking ahead, I saw a huge platform paved with carbuncle where they were. Around the platform, four huge bone pillars made of white bones stood proudly, and the atmosphere was eerie. Thousands of monks kept looking around, and a large number of halls went around, making a lot of sighs, as if they had just entered the hall. It's the yuan family boy! Huang Hu, who had been looking around, was the first to discover yuan Shun and others and let out a roar. Huang Manman, who was beside him, trembled violently and looked in the direction pointed by Huang Hu. Where is Chen Feng? What did you do with Chen Feng? Huang Manman's face was cold, and he strode to yuan Shun's side and shouted at him. Huang Manman's voice was so loud that many people in the hall looked askance. One of them, a handsome man in a white robe, frowned tightly and walked quickly in the direction of Huang Manman and others. Don't you know how it is? Seeing Huang Manman's anxious expression, yuan Fei snorted coldly and said with some sourness. No, it's impossible, Chen Feng won't die so easily! No, it won't! yuan Fei's words were like a bolt from the blue, so that Huang Manman was stunned on the spot and kept talking in his mouth. Chen Feng is dead? The white-robed man stopped in astonishment and looked at yuan Shun and others in a daze, his eyes suddenly flashed a complex light. *** you, I'll fight you! Hearing the news of Chen Feng's death, Huang Hu's eyes were red, and he swung a huge stick in his hand and smashed it at yuan Fei. The other monks, with a smile on their faces, dodged to one side and stared at several people with interest. But no one noticed that when he heard the news of Chen Feng's death, a man in the distance, who was shrouded in black robes, suddenly trembled all over his body, and a monstrous anger surged out, and the blood-like red mist around him kept transpiring, which was particularly horrible in the ghostly hall. You can kill the mole ants who don't know whether they are alive or dead. A shout of anger suddenly came, the hall of repair, only to feel a flash of red fog in front of them, even the yellow tiger flying out was directly hit and flew out when the red fog passed through, and when the red fog dissipated,plastic pallet bin, a man in a black robe was pinching yuan Fei's neck with one hand, lifting him high, and there were bursts of killing in the black robe. cnplasticpallet.com