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Each of them really has only one advertising slogan, or the three of them have only one advertising slogan.

Each of them really has only one advertising slogan, or the three of them have only one advertising slogan. The setting of the advertisement is like this. Three people wearing student uniforms play students. When they walk out of the school gate, Zhang Hepburn sees a child eating ice cream, so he says, "I want to eat Miaomiao." Lin Huiyin also says, "I want to eat Miaomiao." Tang Xin says, "We all want to eat Miao.". Then the three of them went to buy three ice creams and ate them happily, even licking their lips like the little fart boy. Finally, the voiceover of the advertisement is: "Wonderful, make life more wonderful!"! Tang Chong thought, who wrote this advertisement corner book? Can you put some thought into it? However, the worse this ad is, the more it will help their plan. The three of them pretended to have a discussion with Bai Su, and then Bai Su walked up to Feng Yang and said, "Director Feng, they have some opinions about the advertisement." "What do you think?" Feng Yang raised his eyebrows and said discontentedly. Advertisement angle this is he examine and approve, butterfly combination has an opinion to angle this,metal cosmetic tubes, that is not to have an opinion to his eye? "That's right.". They think this character is really good. It also fits their image. It's like it's made for them. Bai Su first gave Feng Yang a big tall hat, and the little old man's face really looked better. However, they feel that such advertising highlights are not prominent enough. In other words, it is hard to make people remember deeply. "What do they think?" Feng Yang asked with an unhappy expression. In fact, we discussed how to shoot this advertising film for a long time. Bai Su is a character like a human spirit. She said so, on the one hand, deliberately lengthen the'thinking 'time,empty lotion tubes, so that Feng Yang will not feel that they are too smart, he is an idiot. In addition, it can also make Cai Yanfen, who stands aside to listen, feel grateful to them. There is no boss who doesn't like such a conscientious partner. It's true that she paid for the endorsement of the butterfly group, but they can cope with things and devote themselves like this. "Thank you for your hard work.". I'll treat you well later. The lines on Cai Yanfen's face softened a little. Bai Su pointed to Tang Zhong and said, "Subversion.". One is image subversion. Our image of Tang Xin has always been a neutral line, looking more manly, so she can take on the responsibility of playing a male role. People who know the butterfly combination will have a bright feeling at the moment. Feng Dao will never forget the sensational scene caused by Miss Fan Bingbing's appearance in Paris in a black horse racing suit. Women can also be very handsome and stylish. "And then?" Cai Yanfen's interest was aroused. Emotional subversion. Bai Su knew that her first one had convinced Cai Yanfen, and she felt a little more relaxed. She went on to say, "In the past, most of the advertisements were about men chasing women. Let's have a woman chasing a man.". In this way, pump tube ,plastic laminated tube, the audience also has a fresh feeling. "Uh-huh.". What is the setting of the story? Cai Yanfen asked again, completely forgetting to ask Feng Yang's opinion. Feng Yang, a professional, had no place to play, and his face was embarrassed to the extreme. We were all unprofessional and thought of a more vague story. Bai Su took one look at Feng Yang and said with a smile, "Director Feng is the golden touch. Help us feel the pulse.". See if this story can be used. "I'm flattered by Manager Bai." Feng Yang gave a rare smile and said, "Tell me about it.". I'm a little curious, too. "Because the people who eat ice cream in winter are young people, so our story is still set in the school. Tang Xin is the most handsome boy in the school. He is also a good friend of Hepburn and Echo. Hepburn and Echo like him very much.". After school, the two were ready to express their love to him. When Tang Xin walked to the school playground, she found Hepburn coming towards him. He turned around, and Lin Huiyin walked towards him behind him. He looked in front of him, looked behind him, and then ate the wonderful ice cream in his hand and shouted, 'I only have one'. Tsai Yen-fen was a little disappointed and said, "Isn't that a bit funny?" Feng Yang also said, "Isn't it a little vulgar?" Bai Su did not speak, but looked at them quietly. Feng Yanfen and Feng Yang looked at each other. After a few seconds, both of them laughed at the same time. Pretty good. Interesting. Feng Yang laughed. "That's interesting.". The picture is very funny. It's impressive. "The two girls originally wanted to confess their love to him, but he misunderstood that they had come to rob his ice cream," Cai Yanfen said with a smile, holding her glasses. The lines are also very interesting. I have only one, that is, there is only one ice cream, and that is, there is only one person. Does this also imply that the love of the two girls makes him in a dilemma? "That's all I can think of." Bai Su said with a smile. Maybe the audience can think of more. "Director Feng, what's your opinion?" Cai Yanfen looked at Feng Yang and asked. The story is simple. But the moral is good. Moreover, it is very innovative to associate Miaomiao ice cream with emotional state. Feng Yang said. Try it. In the corner, Zhang Hepburn pouted and complained to Lin Huiyin, saying, "There is a man who is really shameless.". Set oneself as school grass, still must let others go after him hum, school grass, I think it's more like straw. Tang Zhong pretended not to hear her words, thinking that whether it was school grass or straw, it was much better than letting himself wear fur. He looked at Bai Su and wondered if they had accepted their advertising ideas. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang Chapter 59, do you think I look like an idiot? Chapter 59, do you think I look like an idiot? Seeing Bai Su coming this way with a smile on his face, Tang Zhong knew that things had come to pass and that his plan had been passed. Bubble-book _ bar (he doesn't have to wear a skirt or fur, and he doesn't have to reveal his identity. It's done. Bai Su said with a smile. Their reaction is the same as mine. When I first heard it,custom cosmetic packaging, I felt that the advertisement was a bit of a spoof, and there was not much bright spot. But if you think about it a little, you will understand the meaning contained in it. Director Feng and General Manager Cai both said we could have a try. You guys get ready. Just follow the plan we discussed before. 。