Wulin Crusade

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But as soon as the words fell out of his voice, he heard a deep sigh from Zong Yue: "Old Shao is so resolute

But as soon as the words fell out of his voice, he heard a deep sigh from Zong Yue: "Old Shao is so resolute, I'm afraid he'll be even more disappointed!" "Why did you say that, Shaoxia?" Asked the shadowless dragon. "Little brother," said Shiquan in surprise, "do you know that the Xuanyin grass in Wangwu Mountain has been taken away?" Zong Yue sighed and said, "To tell you the truth, the Xuanyin grass has already been taken by Xiao Ke." The whole body of the shadowless dragon shook, and his eyes were burning at Zong Yue, full of disappointment and surprise. The old man was stunned and looked suspiciously at the young man in front of him, not knowing whether his words were true or false. As soon as Zong Yue turned his eyes, he knew that if he did not explain it, it would be impossible to believe it, so he simply told the story of the robbery of Xuanyin grass in Shijue Valley. After listening to this narration, the shadowless dragon sighed a long sigh. Zong Yue was able to accept how much disappointment and frustration his sigh contained. The shadowless dragon sighed and fell, murmuring, "I didn't expect all my hard work to be in vain." He glanced at the brocade box in his hand, shook his head and said, "If you can see it but can't eat it, what's the use of having it?" As soon as the voice fell, old man Shiquan burst out laughing and said, "Master Shao, since you are useless, why don't you help this child?" The shadowless dragon pondered for a moment and said with a sigh, "Well, the reason why I want to get this pill is that I wanted to make a comeback and make a big deal with the devil of Shijue Valley. Now, alas!"! His ambition is hard to fulfill, and he can only wait for the afterlife. With that, the brocade box was out of hand and shot at Zong Yue. Zong Yue caught the brocade box and hurriedly said, "How can I receive a reward if I have no merit?" Before he had finished speaking, the shadowless dragon flashed and disappeared outside the mountain temple. Stunned, Zong Yue turned to look at the old man Shiquan. Just as he was wondering what to do with himself, he saw the old man smile and say, "Since the shadowless dragon is kind enough to give way,jujube seed powder, you can accept it. Come, come. I still have something to ask you." Zong Yue suddenly bowed down and said, "The day the younger generation, Zong Yue, was ordered by his teacher to go down the mountain, he went everywhere to look for the whereabouts of his predecessors.." Old Shiquan hurriedly picked up Zong Yue and said, "a generation of masters, I dare not accept a big gift, but I don't know who your teacher is." Zong Yue's face took on a look of grief, and he said in a low voice, "My teacher, Zhao Zhengling, is the head of the 18th generation of Zhongnan." Old Shiquan sighed, "At the meeting of Shijue Valley, I heard that all the leaders of the ten sects had been robbed. I didn't expect that your teacher was not dead yet." "At that time, because the family teacher was carrying the Five Yang Sutra and wanted to reveal the truth about the deceptions of his predecessors in Jianghu, he mutilated the Heart Sutra and tried to survive, but.." At this point, naringenin price ,ghana seed extract, he could barely make a sound with sobs. "He's dead now," he said in a broken voice. Old Shiquan sighed, "There is no immortal in the world. Shaoxia, you should try to cheer up. Don't be needlessly sad. I don't know why your teacher asked you to look for me." Zong Yue said respectfully, "My teacher took part in the meeting of the Shijue Valley in Qionglai in the past year. He knew the plot of the Shijue Demon King, but he couldn't find the elder to tell him. He was afraid that the elder would be deceived all his life, so when he was dying, the younger generation must find the elder and explain the truth of the secret manipulation of Shijue Demon King." Old Shiquan sighed, "I suspected this at the beginning, but I understood it all afterwards." Zong Yuejun's eyes flashed and he said, "Now that the elder has an insight into Shijue Demon King's tricks, why don't you go to the devil to fight for justice for the martial arts world?" Old Shiquan shook his head and said, "You should know that the old man was only as good as Yin Guxi at that time. Even if he was better, it was limited. If he couldn't control his life, what was the use of looking for him?" When Zong Yue heard this, he was stunned! He immediately felt that what the old man had said was not at all reasonable, so he nodded to show that he understood, and then said, "Another point is that the younger generation learned from the Wuyang Sutra that the Shijue Sutra was passed down from the Shiquan Immortal Weng, and the older generation claimed to be Shiquan. Is there another source?". The old man frowned and said, "What do you mean by that?" Zong Yue said with a heavy sigh, "The younger generation has taken Xuanyin Cao by mistake, and has lost all their skills. Although they have learned the first, third, and fifth chapters of Wuyin Xuangong, they have not yet fully recovered because they cannot get through the seventh and ninety-two chapters. If the older generation really has a relationship with Shiquan Xianweng, they can teach me.". 」 Old Shiquan's eyes lit up and he said, "So you've practiced the Five Yang Sutra?" Zong Yue said humbly, "I have been cultivated by my former teacher, and I encourage everyone to recite it." Old Shiquan gazed at Zong Yue for a long time. Then with a deep sigh, he said, "Just now I was wondering that Xuanyin Cao is extremely cold and Yin, and is only suitable for people who practice Yin Gong. But you haven't been frozen to death. It turns out that you have the pure Yang power of Gan Tian. Alas, the evil flame is rising. It seems that there is hope for Wulin to be saved." At this point, his eyes flashed and he said, "Both you and your teacher have guessed well. The old man really has a lot to do with the Shiquan Immortal Weng. He is called Shiquan, and he is also a gift from the Immortal Weng. Now I can help you." Zong Yue was overjoyed and said, "I will be grateful to you all my life for your help." Old Shiquan suddenly stretched out his hand and said, "Give me back the Gantian Chunyang Pill!" Zong Yue respectfully presented the brocade box with both hands, and the old man sighed, "This pill will be left with me until you have completed the True Qi of the two instruments. Although this'Gantian Chunyang Pill 'can help you regain your original strength, it can also prevent you from achieving great success in your strength. At present, the main thing is that you can learn the seven and ninety-two chapters of Wuyin Xuangong, and fully absorb the essence of Xuanyin in your body. Yin and Yang help each other." If you take this pill again, there will be fewer of you in the world! At this point, he frowned and said, "All over the world, only the people of Shijue Valley are familiar with Wuyin Xuangong. Where did you learn it?" Zong Yue knew that old man Shiquan was suspicious, so he quickly gave a detailed account of what had happened. Then old man Shiquan nodded his head with satisfaction and said, "Well, it shouldn't be too late. We'll find a place for you to pass on your Wuyin Xuangong pithy formula." Zong Yue was about to speak out of the Taoguang Cave when suddenly. There was a sharp roar outside the temple, and more than ten figures, like electricity, swept into the temple. Zong Yue was startled and looked at him for a moment. At the gate of the temple stood more than a dozen men and women with long swords in their hands. They were the first one, with a white face and thin eyebrows,carnosic acid price, and dressed as a scribe. He is none other than the first big devil in Jianghu. Shijue Demon King's eyes were like cold lightning. Suddenly he looked up to the sky and said with a smile, "We meet again, Taoist friends of Shiquan!" By Fan Yao Wavelet Scan Chivalrous OCR Old Rain Building Exclusive Serialization Chapter 33. prius-biotech.com