Emperor Yongzhengs First Nine Kings Seize the Throne

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By the time everyone looked, Chuang Tzu was already near, and the setting sun had already set. It was

By the time everyone looked, Chuang Tzu was already near, and the setting sun had already set. It was the time to make dinner, but it was very strange. In such a large town, there were only a few places where there was smoke from kitchen chimneys. Under the trees in the wheat field at the entrance of the town, there were no people eating dinner. Only in the golden red sunset in the west, crows were dancing up and down. Yin Zhen said to himself, "Seeing this, I think of the Black Wind and Yellow Water Shop. Don't you suffer from it again?" "No." The dog blinked his eyes and said, "There is no disaster here. How can there be so many black shops in a densely populated place during the peaceful season?" "I'll ask." Kao Fu-erh was surprised to see several people who looked like Zhuang Ding coming from the wheat field. He stepped forward and asked himself, "Have you had dinner, man?"? By the way, is this Jiangxia? Several Zhuang Ding stopped, looked at Gao Fu'er, and looked at Yin Zhen and others behind him. He nodded and said, "It used to be Jiangxia Town.". Our master Liu bought to do Zhuangyuan, now is Liu house. Two hundred miles around. Who doesn't know? Are you afraid of being from other places? Yin Zhen can not help but be stunned, Yin Xiang was also taken aback,die cast light housing, good darling, this town is comparable to a medium-sized county, how much money to buy? But at a glance, they knew that they were not lying. A small half of the main street had been demolished, scaffolding was tied up to build the main house gate tower, and a large area of houses in the east had been destroyed. Rows of tall houses were dark, much like newly built warehouses. Not far in front of the gate tower,alloy die casting, there were wooden poles with "dead wind" lamps hanging on them. Some of these Zhuangding were holding fire folds, and some were carrying sticks. Looks like he's here to light the patrol. Yin Xiang couldn't help exclaiming, "What a good trend!"! Please tell the Villa Leader that we are the filial piety and honest people who are driving to the north. We have lost our way. It's already dark now. We'll borrow the precious land of Baozhuang for a night's rest and go on our way tomorrow morning. "Listen to what he said," said the first man with a smile. "Tell us to tell the Villa Leader that we are all guarding the Villa in the outer courtyard. How many floors are there from Master Liu's second steward! As I said, don't bother with this as early as possible. There is a dry shop in Shilipu to the north. It's an official road all the way. It's just right to walk in the cool night. I won't miss dinner when I get there. "Chief Wang," said one of the villagers next to him, "there are a few white-faced scholars. There are many empty houses in the north of the village. No matter where they stay for a night at random, it's a shame." "You're not sensible," said the king. The second uncle of Uncle Ren in Beijing came with a group of Suzhou girls. It was so hot that it was inconvenient to come and go. The master's temper was so bad that we could afford it? Even they will suffer losses. Isn't that kind of me? As they were talking, Kaner slipped into the crowd without a word and quietly stuffed a bag into one of Zhuangding's hands. The man pinched it with his hand. It was a copper. He stepped forward and said with a smile, "Well!"! Wang Tou'er, just let people take a few days, so loyal to protect the country? As I said, Investment casting parts ,die casting parts, who walks with a house on his back? There are two rooms in the old cemetery of the Zhang family in the northwest of the village. Let them live in them. As soon as the gate is closed, they are outside the village. What's the matter with us? Wang Tou'er was hesitating with his hands behind his back when the dog went around and stuffed a bag of money into it. Then he changed his tune and said, "That's what we'll do.". Old Wang Tou, you take them across the village, and we'll wait for you at the land temple in the west of the town. "All right," an old man promised. He coughed and lit the lantern in his hand. "Come with me, sir," he said. When it was already dark, Lao Wang led the five of them and Lu Lu across the Zhaihe River and through the streets and alleys to the northwest of the town. Looking at the dark and silent streets and alleys, Yin Zhen could not help sighing with emotion: There was less than 40 million silver in the treasury, but the gentry at the bottom were as rich as a country. On one side, the dogs were dying, but the salt merchants were reluctant to give up their wealth. This was the flourishing age-the hidden worries inside made people shudder. Then he asked, "Old man, what is the name of the owner of your house?" "Liu Ba Nu." Old Wang Tou replied, "The first seven are all elder sisters. I'm afraid I can't keep them alive, so I took such a cheap name.". Alas. Blessed man! Then he coughed again. Yin Zhen asked again, "What do you mean by'Outer Three Courtyards'?" Old Wang Tou said with a wry smile, "The people who used to live in this town had no houses to sell and no land to plant. The Eighth Lady took in three courtyards. She worked as a tenant during the day and guarded Chuang Tzu at night. They were all from the Outer Three Courtyards. The slaves around the Eighth Lady were also divided into three courtyards, which were called the Inner Three Courtyards.". They are all slaves, divided into three or six or nine grades! Eight female master hand face frighteningly big, not to mention you a few Juren, the governor of the province also hand in hand joke son! The uncle who came here tonight is said to be a relative of Uncle Ren under the Nine Princes in Beijing. Uncle Ren is also the in-laws of the children of the Eight Daughters. All the magistrates here have come to accompany the guests! Yin Zhen could not help but wake up in horror: so this Liu Ba Nu and Jiu Di still have such a deep relationship! Looking back at Yin Xiang, I don't know what face in the shadow of the lamp, but I kicked the stone at my feet, and Lu Lu rushed forward, and then returned to the dog in disappointment. After a full meal, he finally came to a courtyard in the northwest corner of the town. It seemed that it used to be a guild hall, with a stage in front of it. The couplets written on the couplets were "three tripods" and "one book", which could not be seen clearly in the dark. It was obviously a temple where Shanshan merchants gathered to worship Master Guan, but it was a Shinto. Liu Ba-nu did not dare to disturb it. Che kept it as it was. The atmosphere here is quite different from that in the former town. People come and go in front of the door. A glass melon lamp under the dripping eaves shines brightly. From time to time, one or two flutes are heard in the courtyard. In the distance, there are people carrying buckets of bath water to the courtyard. Don't talk! Old Wang Tou explained again! Follow me through the courtyard, and behind me is the old grave of the Zhang family. The crowd understood and filed in. To the northeast corner of the door, the old king shook his head and asked for the key to open the door. With a wave of his hand, Yin Zhen was the first to come out, and then Gao Fuer, the dog Kaner, also went out of the door. "Look," said Lao Wang Tou, "there are two rooms over there,car radiator cap, where the grave-keepers used to live. There are straw mats in them, and they are fairly clean. There are many of you, and you are not afraid of ghosts. 。 autoparts-dx.com