Live in her heart.

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The woman wears a water-green cheongsam, which few people can control, but it is more white on the woman's body.

Without waiting for Wen Wan to think more, there was a knock on the door. Wen Wan walked over a few steps and saw the rest of the people, such as Zhang Shu and Ma Fenfen, from the cat's eye. Wen Wan only opened the door a small crack, the whole person blocked the door, lips bent, politely looking at the crowd: "What's wrong?" Zhang Shu smiled and said, "I have dealt with my previous affairs very quickly. Now that we are all together, we can go to see the ice sculpture exhibition." Zhang Shu himself felt strange. He had never heard the school say that. When he hurried to the nursing home on the address, he found that it was clearly a ruin. Where was the nursing home? Is he being punished? But is it people who want to do this? Zhang Shu put aside these miscellaneous thoughts and said gently, "Have you had a good rest?"? It's just right for us to go now, and there will be more cars on the way later. Wen Wan opened his mouth and was about to speak when Chen Xia sneered and opened her mouth in a strange way: "The monitor is the monitor, but you don't know that you think of others, but they don't think of you. Maybe Wen Wan doesn't want to be with us!" Her words were full of sarcasm, and Zhang Shu's eyebrows wrinkled in an instant, "Chen Xia." "Monitor ~ Xiaoxia, she has no malice. Her mouth is too straight." Ma Fenfen gently explained for Chen Xia. Then she looked at Wen Wan and coughed a few times before saying softly: "I'm sorry, Wen Wan. Xiaoxia is too straight. You are considerate. You will not be angry with her, right?" To say that Chen Xia is too straightforward is not a disguised admission of Chen Xia's statement? Ma Fenfen's last sentence abruptly buckled a high hat of understanding on Wen Wan's head, retreating in order to advance,pallet rack shelving, forcing her to "forgive Chen Xia's honesty". Had it not been for the fact that Qi Leng was still waiting for the fever to subside in the room, Wen Wan would have almost applauded Ma Fenfen. If you put her in the pond, she will be a white lotus in the flourishing age. Now, however, Wen Wan really had no time to talk to her. Her cell phone was vibrating. Wen Wan quietly clicked on the message and looked at it. Then he quickly pressed the screen. He looked up at Zhang Shu and smiled apologetically: "I can't go. I'm a little uncomfortable. I want to rest. You go to play.". I've always been undisciplined, and I may not be suitable for such a planned trip, so I won't play with you. He Cancan sent her a message saying that there had been an accident at home and that he had been picked up by his family not long ago. She originally came in order not to spoil He Cancan's interest,warehouse storage racks, and now that He Cancan has gone, she has no interest in staying here, and some words have to be made clear. Zhang Shushu wanted to persuade her again, but when he heard her say she was uncomfortable, he had to give up and said, "Then you should drink more hot water and pay attention to rest." Wen Wan smiled and said, "Um," and Chen Xia's strange taunt came from her ears: "Monitor, people say they are undisciplined, so don't worry so much!" "Chen Xia!"! Enough Zhang Shu is not happy to sink down, Ma Fenfen said softly to defend Chen Xia, "Wen Wan, Chen Xia has no malice.." Wen Wan was too lazy to listen to her again, so he stepped back and closed the door against the tip of Ma Fenfen's nose. Zhang Shu had been watching Wen Wan, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,push back racking system, and when she stepped back, she had already discovered it. At a casual glance, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a shoe thrown casually on the floor of the room. Zhang Shu is a little myopic, and when he doesn't wear glasses, he can't see clearly what the shoes look like, but he feels vaguely familiar, as if he had seen them somewhere. * Wen returned to his room late, called the front desk to send some antipyretics up, patted Qi Leng without pity, stuffed the medicine into his mouth, and fed him a few mouthfuls of hot water before it was over. The only quilt was given to Qi Leng, and Wen Wan turned over a thin blanket from the cabinet of the hotel. People who have a fever should always be accompanied by someone, so as not to find anything bad in time, Wen Wan will sit in the corner of the sofa wrapped in a thin blanket. I don't know if the heating in the room is too full, and after a while the eyes are fighting up and down, the drowsiness comes like a flood to swallow her up, and her consciousness is a little blurred. After the girl's breathing was stable, the teenager on the sofa suddenly opened his eyes. He looked sideways at the sleeping girl lying beside him. His red eyes blinked. Holding the last bit of consciousness, he separated most of the quilt from his body and put it on Wen Wan's body. Finally, he could not stand the drug attack and fell asleep. Wen Wan had a restless sleep. First she had a very long nightmare, then she faintly heard someone talking on the phone, and then she fell into a deep sleep. Late at night. Late? Wen Wan! Where are you "Don't make a sound. Mom, mom is coming for you." The huge house echoed with the crisp sound of high-heeled shoes, "da-da-da", step by step. The woman wears a water-green cheongsam, which few people can control, but it is more white on the woman's body. She spoke softly in her mouth, but the expression on her face was gradually ferocious. "Night, night!"! Come out quickly. Mom sees you! Come on out! "Come out quickly!" The more the woman spoke, the more excited she became, and her elegant facial features became distorted, and her eyes shone with crazy light. There seemed to be some movement in the next room, and the woman slowly raised her lips to reveal a strange and frightening smile. High-heeled shoes knock on the floor slowly, crisp as the sad music of the prelude to the arrival of death, and fear spreads in every corner. The woman stopped in front of a wardrobe with a small gap, smiled proudly, hooked her slender fingers gently, and opened the door slowly under her resentful eyes. Nothing but a doll. The bright smile on the doll's face seemed ironic to the woman. She looked at the doll in the cabinet viciously, choked it to death, and then beat it madly. Again and again, as if not tired. Behind her, under the big bed, a girl in a white dress held her breath and looked at all this indifferently. Tears dripped uncontrollably down my cheeks and melted on my clothes. The girl closed her mouth tightly and dared not make a sound. Finally, after the woman was tired and left,industrial racking systems, she ran out of the house quietly. The wound on the body was pulled open, but the girl was not strange at all. She lowered her eyes slightly, and that woman was the most terrible than the pain.