Quickly wear the plunder of Goldfinger

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But the old man did not look at these, he even said, why can't he get the technology that the Su family can get?

Soon, Wen Qing took these materials away, quickly set up a technology company, the Su family all the factories are also suspended other business, specializing in the production of Jiang Xiaoman out of the new concept of mobile phones. This is her own improvement based on the technology provided by Jiang Xiaoman, because the technological level of her world is not up to the technological level of the Z5079 plane, so some things are not applicable here. Left and right Jiang Xiaoman is a technology slag, completely unable to see the changes. Jiang Xiaoman is also in this period of time, the cause of live broadcasting to do the wind unboiled water. After signing the contract, the company provided him with a complete set of live broadcasting equipment, which was more than 10,000 times better than what he shot with a dregs pixel mobile phone. And the company is also trying to train him, recommendation, publicity and so on, all hit him, in a short period of time, Jiang Xiaoman rose rapidly, fans easily broke through the million mark. Of course, behind this is Wen Qing's instructions. @ Infinite good articles, all in Jinjiang Literature City When his fan value broke through 100,000, Jiang Xiaoman drew the ancient plane and made a small profit by changing a few antiques. When he broke through one million, he drew the plane of Xiuzhen and exchanged it for several solid elixirs that mortals could use to strengthen their bodies. One was ground up for his mother to eat, and the other was secretly put into the food for Wen Qing. Wen Qing pretended not to know and ate it with his poor acting skills. Gu Qingcheng was extremely lucky these days. First, he dug out an ancient tomb on the land he had taken with a huge sum of money. Then,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, one of his most trusted subordinates in the company leaked business secrets, which made him suffer a great loss. Just after making up for these deficits, an important technology in his company was stopped because of excessive environmental pollution. He wondered if he had been beheaded by someone, otherwise how could he be so unlucky? He even wondered if he should find time to go to the temple to worship and get rid of his bad luck? Gu Qingcheng, under the impetuous really went to the temple, but also found a sainted master. The master said that he should get married this year and use the happy event to suppress it, and all the bad luck would be resolved naturally. @ Infinite good articles, all in Jinjiang Literature City To put it simply, it is Chong Chong Xi. Gu Qingcheng is a firm materialist,Magnesium Sulphate producer, to this set of nature is not believed, seeking Buddha is just seeking a peace of mind. But there was one thing that really took advantage of his mind. He really should get married. Think of Ruan Meng, Gu Qingcheng heart suddenly relaxed down, in this bad days, only Ruan Meng's company, can let him have a moment of peace. This is the person he has identified and wants to accompany for a lifetime. Perhaps the master said Chongxi really useful, he and Ruan Meng low-key marriage, he really went smoothly again. He has successfully won several big projects, all of which are particularly promising. At this time, Sujia strongly launched a new concept of mobile phone-wristwatch form, click on the meeting in front of the virtual screen, the screen content is not very different from the past mobile phone content, but because the mobile phone is full of science and technology, the price is unexpectedly close to the people, the performance is so powerful that it kills many ordinary models on the market, so once promoted, it quickly swept the world. Then, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,caustic calcined magnesite, Gu Qingcheng tried his best to buy a well-known brand mobile phone company, which died directly. He has been in the market for so many years, and his eyesight is not bad. Therefore, he only saw the new mobile phone of the Su family, and directly stopped his company's mobile phone project, because he knew that they could not break through the technology of the Su family's mobile phone after 30 years of hard work. It is impossible not to be angry, but the Su family saw that they had to catch up with the family, and he could not cause complications at this time, so he had to put down the project and focus on its automobile industry. Then, on the day of the launch of Gujia's new car, Sujia launched an epoch-making new car, a fully intelligent automatic car with amphibious and amphibious functions. Its performance is far better than that of the current cars, including those foreign luxury car brands. And the price is as affordable as ever. The sensation this time is even worse than the previous mobile phone. The Su family not only surpassed the Gu family, but also made a name for itself in the world. Then, the Su family took advantage of the situation and introduced domestic robots, industrial robots, agricultural robots and so on, which are not the current artificial robots that can only act by inputting instructions, but the real intelligent robots. Before long, the Su family launched the world's first holographic online game, officially announcing that mankind has entered the holographic era. And this is only on the surface, secretly, the Su family in cooperation with the government, has been using Wen Qing's technology, research mecha, warships, particle laser cannons and other high-tech weapons. Gu Qingcheng is mad, he feels that the Su family is targeting him, every time he terminates the project because of the Su family, what he does, what the Su family does, is completely against him! And a series of decision mistakes have made the old man complain about him and question his ability. In the past, he was so good that everyone was covered by his light, and the position of successor was set in stone. He didn't want to do it, but now? Even the younger brothers of the second and third uncles dared to covet his heir position brazenly. To be honest, these failures are not his decision-making problems at all, who would have thought that the Su family would master such epoch-making technology. But the old man did not look at these, he even said, why can't he get the technology that the Su family can get? Failure to see the situation clearly and seize the opportunity is absolutely our own problem. Gu Qingcheng has nothing to say to refute, this time, he faintly some regret, should not have grabbed that piece of land with the Su family, so that make so stiff, now want to brazenly share a cup of soup, also pull down the face. Even his mother began to regret that if he had married Su Wenqing, it would be all about their family now. Gu Qingcheng gas slammed the door and left, he did not need to rely on marrying a woman to develop his career, so what is the difference between him and eating soft rice?! @ Infinite good articles, all in Jinjiang Literature City Gu Qingcheng returned to his villa and moved out after he got married, mainly because he was worried that Ruan Meng's identity as a man would be detected by others. When he came back, Nguyen Manh Gon cooked the meal, wore an apron, and greeted him with a gentle smile. "Are you back?" Gu Qingcheng's heart suddenly softened down, walked over,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, hugged him from behind, took a deep breath of the taste of his body, irritable heart gradually quiet down. stargrace-magnesite.com