About faceorkut
faceorkut platform is designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time. To enable instant sharing of content between users, the platform is aided by Whatshey, a messenger that provides services like chat, call, and a plethora of instant messaging services. The future looks promising for both the ventures as the initial response has been overwhelming.


Indian first social media network platform, Faceorkut helps millions of people and businesses to connect and share exciting media content with friends and families, as well as business networks. We are interested in fostering  better social connections and content for the benefit of the Indian populace with focus, specifications and high definition purpose.

Faceorkut is a brand owned and a registered trademark of huntmeee designs private limited, India. We are a social media platform with 100% Indian content, started fully in 2017, Founded by Mr Sajin Velichennaparambath, the cofounder of huntmeee designs private limited, India.

At Faceorkut, we connect faces, friends, feelings and exciting features together, with our fast-growing, fascinating and fantastic social media platform. Our team of experienced professionals will render the best available service to satisfy users on this platform. 

Our mission is to help share quick, efficient and factual content, as well as enabling users to share valuable and vast contents on our social media platform. We are fully and well informed that human are social being, we may stop to live the moment we stop interacting. This gave rise to the birth of faceorkut. We place high value on your comfort and a happy and healthy social life.

You are most welcomed to this platform with your bunch of connections. Explore our wealth of exciting tools on this platform that will keep you satisfied with your daily dreams and mission to live happy with sharing and caring.

Feel free to send your feedback to us via our support center link: [email protected] 

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